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Bullish on the N-Gas

27 marzo 2016

Did anyone notice the bottom-up movement on the EURUSD cross after the last speech/conference/reunion of the Ecb, in wich europe has gone heavely on negative rates with (maybe the last) very huge measures to raise the economies from the debt deflation?   Well, I did.   Simply, I’ve tought that bad news for eurozone are […]

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EURUSD, gap-down for the target 5!

Posted on 05 gennaio 2015

As we sayed here, target 5 reached! During this period the price levels have been reached mainly with the different monetary policy of the ECB and FED due to the growth of Usa GDP and stagflation in Europe. Therefore, a different financial and political backbone in this two areas of the world have caused a […]

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ECB President - Mario Draghi - Skytg24


Posted on 23 agosto 2014

Where? Jackson Hole, state of Wyoming. The event is organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Since 1978 most influential and powerful policy makers (and not only) meet periodically for an “annual economic policy symposium” . In the last years it takes place in a mountain resort, in front of this amazing landscape.   […]


Gold, resistance test on the monthly

Posted on 18 gennaio 2015

After the head-cutting operated by BNS (Swiss National Bank) I expect a BIG distrust of the operators in front of the market-movers, the Central Banks. Let’s say it clearly, it’s a period of changes and the greek elections added to the imminent “QE or not QE” might be a very good excuse to go long […]


EURUSD. The Printer is silently working.

Posted on 16 aprile 2015

What reactions did the market have, did each of you have, in front of the ECB’s QE?   I can say it with a candle (the yellow one:               Saying it with two words:  the market already knew it. Convalidated Expectations. But this is nothing new if we think […]



Forex Cable GBPUSD. Bearish Head ‘n Shoulders.

Posted on 27 settembre 2014

Under the neck line. The GBPUSD is the only cross that has tried and has resisted for a while to the unbeatable big green, exception for the independence-referendum period that has seen that gap down in the opening of the session and that it has been closed very weel. But as the monthly and the […]

Short Term


EURUSD, here we are again.

Posted on 06 ottobre 2014

Target1: reached! (click to read more) After the reaching of target 1: 1.2498 We are on a new point of strenght of the EURUSD, a perfect moment to go SELL Waiting for a good signal to enter.                     Edit: there has been no signal to go […]



USDJPY, Target 1: reached.

Posted on 06 ottobre 2014

Consolidating before a new rally? USDJPY Reached the 1st target of this older post. Nowadays it’s consolidating in the area 108-110 but I think that it’s only charging before a new rally, because of the BOJ’s clear intentions to reach the inflation target of 2% in the short term. New updates at the possible breakup […]

Without label


Posted on 22 marzo 2017

It might be convenient to go long on the industrial market and short on the tech, since the biggest impact of any uncertainty is usually more aggressive on the less traded market   We are pricing incomes of the next further generation Trump’s expectations took out from the underground the bullish euphoria and animal spirits. […]

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EURUSD going towards 1:1, not so easy.

EURUSD going towards 1:1, not so easy.

Someone on the web and (unfortunately) on the TV says that we will have at december 2014 that 1$=1 ...